When Does My Boiler Need To Be Serviced?

boiler in a basement

The perfect time to service your boiler is when the summer is coming to a close, before the colder winter months start to set in and you use your boiler system the most.

Why Do You Need Your Boiler Serviced?

Reduce Future Repair Costs

By servicing your boiler annually, you can cut down on unseen future repair costs that could have been caught early. Our plumbers should come once a year for service to make sure the boiler is running at maximum efficiency before the cold weather is here.

Undetected Carbon Monoxide Fumes

Another key reason boilers need to be serviced annually is to make sure it is not giving off any unsafe carbon monoxide fumes, ultimately saving lives.

Save Money on Monthly Bills

If the boiler is serviced annually, they are less likely to fail, run more efficiently, and ensure the main components of the boiler have a longer lifespan.

Catch Potential Issues Early

When you get a boiler serviced, our plumbers check for unseen corrosion, leaks, and examine if there is any sediment buildup or deposits, thus catching and fixing the issue before it becomes a problem.


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