There are many different types of bathroom renovations including:
• Pull and Replace
• Updating Your Bathroom
• Adding a New Bathroom

Pull and Replace Bathroom

If your bathroom needs a facelift, a pull and replace bathroom is for you. This is usually the most basic bathroom renovation since the floor plan does not need to be changed, therefore pipes do not need to be moved for the plumbing. However, this facelift could bring a completely new modern feel to your bathroom. A pull and replace bathroom changes the vibe of the room by updating the vanity, mirrors, sink, flooring, and tile for example.

Keeping Your Bathroom Up-to-date

If your bathroom is just plain old outdated, maybe you want to add a higher toilet seat, grab bars, a rain showerhead, a shower seat, or a handheld sprayer. These little touches make a bathroom more comfortable and in most cases, more modern. It has also been proven that if you are trying to sell your house, updating the bathroom before listing the property increases the value of the house.

Adding a New Bathroom

If you want to add a bathroom, it requires a completely new floor plan. This can be fun and exciting to create a bathroom that is both functional and stylish for you and your family.

A pull and replace rough done by Hawthorne Mechanical Contractors in Oakland, NJ
Hawthorne Mechanical Contractors bathroom renovation in Harrington Park, NJ
Hawthorne Mechanicals new bathroom renovation rough in Saddle Brook, NJ
Bathroom Renovation in Harington Park, NJ
A pull and replace rough done by Hawthorne Mechanical Contractors in Oakland, NJ

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